Finding the right carpet cleaning company for your home is not easy.  There are many considerations you need to consider before making this commitment. There are a number of websites out there that give reviews for these contractors, and you can leave feedback to give your opinion.  This is not always the be all end all being that some of these reviews can be fake.

First lets start with the living room, your living room is a place where you like to relax, so most of the time you want it to be very comfortable and relaxing to watch tv and spend quality time with your family.  Tile and carpeting is the main area that covers your floor in the average family floor system so there are two options for keeping that clean.  The first is tile and grout cleaning.  This is normally done by a carpet cleaning specialist but can also be done by a person who strictly does carpet cleaning.   Normally what they will do is come in with industrial type equipment and scour the grout with their tools until the grout is looking good.  If a situation arises where the grout actually needs to be patched or colored, they will make this happen as well.  This normally comes into play after a number of treatments have been done on your tile and it starts to wear down to the concrete.

Next is good old carpet cleaning.  We have all made the trips to the local grocery store to rent a carpet cleaning machines.  Let me start off by saying that these are the worst things that you could possibly ever use, and could result in damaging your carpet in the long run.  Carpet cleaning machines leave a filmy, soapy residue under your carpet and in the padding and will stay there for a long time.  Worse case scenario is that your carpet will get mildew and start to smell badly like mold or even worse.  Do yourself a favor and call a carpet cleaning specialist to come into your house, you will not regret it.

Foot Protection

All of our workers are inspected daily for personal grooming and clean attire. Above and beyond that, we require all workers to wear foot protection anytime they enter a clients home. We do this for a few reasons:

  1. Better safe than sorry
  2. Guaranteed not to add dirt to your carpet
  3. Keeps your mind at ease

Organic Solutions

We are firm believers in trying to reduce the amount of pollutants that go back into our Earth. While there is no getting around using some chemicals to get out tough stains, we try to use organic cleaning solutions wherever possible. If requested, we will only use organic carpet cleaning solutions.

Our Specialty

Many carpet cleaning companies offer water damage service, mold remediation, leather restoration, stone polishing….and everything in between. We specialize in carpet cleaning an area rugs, that is it. We stay busy all week long, and pride ourselves in being one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Boca Raton and all of Palm Beach County!


These are just a few of the services in the home improvement and services division that we are going to go over on a very basic level.  If you do have more questions or would like to submit some questions or have some feedback to give on any number of our current  articles just be sure to email us and we will promptly get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all for reading!